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The raw cashew cleaning and calibration machine is equiped the operation control by advanced electronic control system with full automatic from feeder, cleaning, removing stone to grading size of raw cashew nut.

Peeling Machine

Processs to remove a thin layer(Husk) on top of kernel is called as “Peeling”. A machine called “Peeling Machine” used for this process. This process is followed by process of Humidifying of kernel.

Industrial Steam Boiler

Boiler for cashew processing factory use supplying hot steaming for cashew steaming machine, cashew drying machine in cashew processing factory.

Cutting Machine

An Automatic cutting machine is used to cut boiled raw cashew nuts and separate the cashew nuts from the shell. There are two types of cutting machine “2_Blade” and “4-Blade”. Number of cutting machines are changes with plant capacities.

Kashew Kernal Drying Machine

Shelled skin on kernels are to be heat treated in an dryer at 70 to 80 C temperature to loosen skin covering the kernel for ease of peeling. there are two type of dryer available “Elecrtic Dryer” and “Steam Dryer”.

Scooping Machine

This machine is followed by cutting machine line.Process of pull out Kernels from cashew shells and separate both is called as scooping. A machine called “Vibrator” is used to separate kernels and cashew shells.

Modular Conveyor

Modular Conveyor is used for easily handling of cashew nuts between various processes.It is used in Cutting line,Scooping line,In Peeling Process,etc…