Aalidhra Cashew Export

Cashew Nut Peeling Machine


No Parameter Single Head Double Head Four Head
1 Capacity 50 kg/hour 100 kg/hour 200 kg/hour
2 Moisture Content 5% 5% 5%
3 Air Compressor Pressure 9-10 kg 9-10 kg 9-10 kg
4 Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Air Compressor
1 Air Pressure required: 9-10 kg/cm2 9-10 kg/cm2 9-10 kg/cm2
2 Compressor Type Screw Screw Screw
3 Power Required 10 hp 15 hp 30 hp

Peeling Result:

  • Peeling Ratio: 80%-85%
  • Kernel Full Rate: 90-95%



  • Dry kernel before peeling in our cashew peeling machine and keep moisture content below 5%.
  • If the pressure in the air compressor is high and peeling time long, you’ll get a high peeling ratio. Broken rate, however, will be high if time to peel is short and pressure low. There will be a reduction in ratio, but there will be a higher full rate.