Aalidhra Cashew Export

Cashew Scooping Machine

Cashew Scooping Machine also called Cashew Kernal Shell Seprator, Cashew Seprator etc.

No Description Parameter
1 Total Power 8.5 HP
2 Electricity Phase Three Phase
3 Function Separate Cashew Kernel, Shell And Uncut
4 Material of Construction(Contact) SS 304
5 Capacity 250/300 kg/hr


  • This machine used after the raw cashew nut cutting.
  • Scooping Machine separates the removed cashew kernels easily.
  • Roller (UnScoop Cleaner) separator the Shells and Uncut or half cut.
  • After raw cashew cutting is separated into cashew kernels, empty shells, uncut and half cut.
  • Blower Mechanization used for remove shell
  • Scooping machine manual labor can be eliminated for sorting
  • Very high sorting efficiency
  • The manual process of sorting after shelling can be eliminated.